About Us

ROSENBAUM was founded by Yvonne Rosenbaum-Afra and Yesim Theisen in 2009. 
As fashion professionals and business woman for many years, as a mother knowing her and her childrens’ needs, and as creative characters, together the two managing partners have built a strong symbiosis. Yvonne and Yesim identified the global need for high quality, cool childrens wear, inspired by the ideas and cultures in the many countries in which they worked and lived. ROSENBAUM’s customers will find these inspirations reflected throughout the ROSENBAUM collection.

ROSENBAUM is an international brand offering high quality, elegant, cool childrenswear, that reflects the street styles worn by today’s successful and often busy mums and dads. You could call it "Zeitgeist" Design; we use fabrics that feel good on the skin; our designs are neither childish nor playful, but different, exclusive, and wearable for all sorts of games, activities and occasions. Mums and dads may wish they could buy ROSENBAUM for themselves... but unfortunately the privilege is all the child’s...